Restaurant Design Consultation for Berkeley, CA

Creating and running a commercial kitchen can be a fulfilling experience. Seeing your dishes come together through a functional kitchen space can be what you need to improve your restaurant business. You deserve to work in a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space here in Berkeley, CA; and the team at Banis Kitchen Design is here to provide you with a consultation service that will cover the necessary bases.

With a restaurant design consultation from our team, you can create a functional design that is geared towards efficiency and success in the restaurant business. Whether you are a small business owner wanting to create a small, functional kitchen space, or you have a team of experienced chefs in need of a large space, we have the experience and knowledge you need to succeed.

Functional and Beautiful Commercial Kitchen Designs

With the dedicated team at Banis Kitchen Design, you can create the plan that you need to get started on the kitchen that will maximize your profits. Our designs are thorough and we can provide the connections you need to reliable contractors in the area. We can also refer you to suppliers of kitchen supplies and appliances so that your space can have everything that it needs.

We have helped countless restaurant owners throughout the area create a personalized space that shows off their culinary skills. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and committed to providing you with a memorable professional customer service experience. We are eager to provide your business with the design you need to run a functional business in Berkeley, CA.

With a personalized design, you can move forward with the creation of your commercial kitchen with confidence. To schedule your commercial kitchen consultation with the experienced team at Banis Kitchen Design, connect with our team through our helpful contact page. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Interior Design

Banis Restaurant Design, Inc. offers you the benefit of truly customized design services. We understand that great design doesn’t happen by chance and successful restaurants are created only when the interior design supports the overall concept. We spend time on the details, choosing materials and finishes that harmonize with the overall interior design and your vision. It all adds up to an environment where people feel comfortable.

Foodservice Consultation

With over 35 years of experience in restaurant design, we’ve been delivering food processing solutions to a wide range food service clients. We have a technical understanding of the entire process. We design energy efficient kitchens that earn LEED certifications and save you money. We analyze and create traffic patterns that enhance service, reduce noise and increase productivity.

Equipment and Furniture Procurement

From custom fabrication that reflects our latest ideas in restaurant design to proven manufacturers that allow us to buy direct from their factories, we work with the best names in the business. Our extensive product knowledge helps you avoid costly mistakes and assures that you get the right products for your project.