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Banis Restaurant Design Wins Esquire Award .

Banis Restaurant Design was honored with an Esquire Award for Masque Ristorante – The award recognizes outstanding restaurant design across the country. Masques’ innovative design was reflective of a modern hotel interior. The entire restaurant was brightly lit with a mix of new raw materials such as concrete, steel and even wicker mixed together to create a comfortable ambiance. The wide-open floor plan had a large-scale bar at one end with a polished concrete surface and iron hammered edge. Wicker chairs lined the entire bar and made for a very unique and perfect pairing. Across from the bar was a private wine room, temperature controlled with glass window views so that guests could catch a glimpse of the restaurant’s vast selection. In total there were three wine rooms with the capacity for 2,000 bottles. A lighting fixture made of custom sculpted iron and hand blown glass was the centerpiece of the room.